A lot of investors in recent years have been talking a lot about Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and there has certainly been a huge buzz around HMOs and the shared housing industry over the last five years or so. HMOs have been around for a very long time so why are they so great and why are so many people wanting to suddenly start investing in these types of properties? Here are the three key reasons why we feel HMOs are so great. 

Number 1 – Massive Income 

Unlike traditional Buy to Let properties, HMOs have a huge benefit of, when done properly, being able to generate huge amounts of cash from the uplift in rental income by renting out the property out on a room by room basis to individual tenants, opposed to a single occupier or family. This huge uplift in rental income obviously means relatively larger profits for the investor. So why is the income so much larger from an HMO than a single let? Well in an HMO you typically have 5 of 6, sometime more, individual tenants renting a room within the property and having

Romantic will be the basic thing when talking about Valentine home decoration with the romantic interior design. In this case, the simplest way that you can do is by adding the room with romantic ornament such as the flower touch. Moreover, the balloon and any heart shape ornament are also worthy to have. Since decorating your home to celebrate valentine’s day is quite important, then check these easy ways to have the romantic one.

Living Room Decoration

If you look at this living room decoration, you might think that it is really simple. However, you can’t refuse that the decoration is really cute and romantic with its simplicity. All you should do here is just applying the pink roses here and there, whether with vases or simply put the roses that way. Then, top off the decoration with soft pink cushion cover, chocolates and ....Balloons!!

Dining Table Decoration

For you who love the simplicity with red colour scheme, this decoration is beyond perfect. Anyway, this dining decoration designed to be used as an intimate dining event to celebrate the valentine. If you want more romantic designs, check out Valentine dining table decoration.

Bedroom Decoration

Not only for roses, balloon can always worthy too for your valentine decoration. Just like what we have here, you can use pink balloons to decorate the bed, wall, and even the ceiling. Additionally, buying the word balloons will be such a great idea. Choose the words then arrange it to create the sentence you want. See more at Valentine bedroom decoration for more romantic designs.

Bathroom Decoration

By simply spreading the red rose petals, you can make your bathroom has its romantic atmosphere. It is great how simple thing can create such a big influence. In hence, if you want more romantic touch, then just put the others rose petals into the sink, vanity, or even the bathtub

Fireplace Decoration

Since the weather during valentine celebration is still cold, then don’t forget to give your concern into your fireplace. Look at how pretty and romantic this fireplace decoration could be. Here, you just need the pink balloons and lot of vases with pretty blooming to create the romantic atmosphere.

Kitchen Decoration

If you rent out a property, then you really should take out insurance to cover you should something go wrong.

What if your rented property was flooded?  Would you be able to afford to repair the damage and find alternative accommodation for your tenants?  Or what if your tenant stopped paying the rent?  If you rely on your rental income to meet your mortgage repayments, you could end up in a serious financial mess.

If you let a property but just take out standard insurance in your name, there is a very big chance the insurance company will refuse to pay any claim and therefore you will be out of pocket.  You need insurance that is specially designed for landlords.

When the time comes, it’s important to know your options so that you can make an informed decision on whether to extend or end your current tenancy.

If you want to end the tenancy during the fixed term, rather than at the end, you will only be able to do so if there is a break clause in the agreement. Break clauses are normally mutual and, as the landlord is legally required to give two months’ notice under an AST contract, the tenant is normally required to do the same.

If you have a break clause in your agreement and would like to use it, you will need to send your notice, in written form, to the landlord or managing agent. Your tenancy agreement will stipulate the address this needs to be sent to. If sending it in hard copy, it is good practice to send an electronic copy too.

If the contract does not have the option to break early but you still need to leave, you should discuss the issue with the landlord or agent and they may be willing to release you from the contract

Third of generation Z think landlords should change their light bulbs.

A study, conducted by broadband and utilities provider Glide, surveyed 1,000 tenants who are either currently renting a property, or have previously, to find out which issues they expect their Landlords to be responsible for dealing with.

And one in seven (14%) say they’d leave a dispute over how to split bills with flat mates for their landlord to sort.

However, expectations that landlords will step in is not confined to just arguments over who pays what in terms of bills. Almost a quarter of tenants (23.2%) admit they would leave a dispute over parking up to the owner of the premises to resolve.

Although landlords are legally bound to solve certain problems that arise both inside and outside the property for renters, where and when those responsibilities pass over to the tenant can often be unclear.

Over a third of under-25s – sometimes referred to as generation Z – believe that landlords should be responsible for changing a light bulb (34.6%). Despite a significant number of younger renters having this expectation, this is generally an obligation of the tenant, unless specified otherwise in the terms of each individual rental agreement.

With modern society now hinging largely on being online at all times, this is reflected by the attitudes of tenants towards their internet connection, with over one in five (21.9%) tenants believing their landlord should be responsible for fixing their Wi-Fi.