Buying a home is a complicated matter and there are many considerations to take into account before choosing the right home for you. No-one has a crystal ball, though, and sometimes things that you considered important become less important once you have moved in and things that you didn’t really worry about suddenly become a big issue. In this article we will take a look at the things that home movers wished they had researched better before choosing their new home.


One thing that always seems to surprise people is the costs associated with moving. There are the obvious costs like how much deposit needs to be saved and how much the mortgage will cost but many people don’t do their homework properly and miss some of the more hidden costs like reservation deposit for a new build, stamp duty, conveyancing fees and potential costs for non-standard searches or work, surveys and even the cost of moving or storing furniture. These can add up to a large sum of money and it is important that as a potential purchaser, you fully research all potential costs before starting the process.


If at all possible, try to talk to the neighbours, not only to get a feel for what type of neighbours you might have, but also to understand more about the area and possibly also see what they know about the property you are interested in.

Mobile signal and internet strength

When you are looking at a new property, take your mobile with you and check signal in the property and garden. Many people forget to do this and once they move in a realise there is poor signal it is too late. The same goes for broadband speeds and providers. Large, new housing estates are starting to install ultra-fast fibre-to-the-property but this new technology has limited suppliers so prices might be more than you would be expecting to pay. On the other hand, the area might have very poor internet speeds which will be very frustrating if you need a decent speed for homeworking, for example.

Local infra-structure

Often people will drive through an area and fall in love with the feel and look of it. As they are emotionally invested, they then forget to research local shops, parks, dentists, doctors, transport links, leisure centres, post offices, pubs, restaurants and pharmacies. These can be important considerations, for example if you require medication on a regular basis, a local pharmacy might be very important to you.

Crime rates

Imagine moving into your dream home and then realising that it is a crime hotspot and you have your car broken into or worse. It is very easy to find out what the crime rates in your area by simply clicking this link and entering the postcode or town of your potential new home. You might find that the area you are looking for is a crime-free paradise but it might also be the opposite and an area you will want to avoid.

Eyes wide open

Take a little time to understand more about the property purchasing process, especially the costs. Research the local area you are considering before you commit to purchasing a new home, walk around the neighbourhood to get a feel for it. Drive around the local area to view parks and amenities. You can even use Google maps to get a feel for the local area. This research will pay huge dividends in the future and ensure that you can move in and enjoy your new home from day one with no unpleasant surprises.

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