During these strange times it is important to dedicate some time just to yourself, as although we are staying at home, life can still seem a little hectic. Whether you have kids and are trying to figure out your weekly home-schooling schedule or are still adapting to the idea of working from home and Microsoft Teams, your well-being during these circumstances mustn’t get forgotten.

See self-isolating as ‘self-retreating’, you haven’t lost your freedom but instead have gained the ability to hibernate, disconnect and explore the inner world. Yes our first choice for this would be some stunning retreat in Thailand too, but I guess we have to make do with what is available for now!

Below we explore self-care at home and what you can do to relax your mind and uplift your spirits during these strange times.

Reduce your screen time
What we watch, read and scroll through has an effect on our mood and emotions. Limit your interaction with social media, the news and any stress-inducing films. Instead surround yourself

with positivity, look through old photo albums of loved ones and places you have visited, phone a friend over a cup of tea and have catch up or go for a walk and immerse yourself in mother nature (the best healer of all).

Yoga and meditation
The world have slowed down, so take some time to listen to that… silence. Sit down, relax and practise your breathing for at least 15 minutes a day. YouTube is great for yoga and meditation tutorials, take some time to have a browse and get some tips and advice. If meditation isn’t for you, listen to a calming podcast, BBC Sounds has a great variety of choice.

Create an uplifting music playlist
‘Alexa, play walking on sunshine’, an uplifting playlist is the ultimate mood buster and what better way to start the day than a morning gig whilst waiting for your toast or a singsong in the mirror. Spotify and Apple Music have lots of playlists to choose from!

Satisfy yourself by organising that bits and bobs draw that has been there for months, those letters that need filing away and the kids toy box that has been taking over your lounge. While we are spending so much time at home it is important to create an environment that feels good to you. Perhaps now is the perfect time to Marie Kondo your house, she is the queen of home organisation after all! You can watch her series 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' on Netflix. 

Be Kind
Spending so much time at home, knowing that some people are struggling might make you feel a bit helpless, but don’t underestimate the buzz of good deed! You could check in on an elderly neighbour, bake some yummy treats for your loved ones or even register as an NHS Support Volunteer.

Stay safe during these strange times and most importantly practise what is best for you.