Over the Winter months most of us go into hibernation mode and resign ourselves to seeing out the colder months under a nice warm blanket. The last thing we feel like doing is keeping up with the external maintenance of our homes. Now Spring is just around the corner and the sun is starting to make more of an appearance, it is time to do those all-important outside jobs we have been putting off.


The recent storms have battered our homes and it isn’t uncommon for roof tiles to have come loose or to have cracked. If these are not repaired the roof will become unsound and a potential source of leaks. You will need to check for signs that tiles have slipped or cracked.

Top Tip: the camera on your Smart Phone is most likely far more powerful than your eyes, try taking pictures of your roof and zoom in to inspect your roof. If there are any issues organise for a reputable roofing company to inspect the damage. It is good practice to get three quotes, not just to find the best deal.

Another way to check the integrity of your roof is to pop into your loft during a bright day and check for any light coming through. This will show any issues with the tiles and also check for any water ingress as this could affect your insulation or it might have damaged anything you have stored in the loft.


 Whilst we are looking up high check your guttering. Believe it or not it is best to do this when it is raining. When it is raining it is far easier to spot water gushing from joins or splits in the guttering. All sorts of material will have blown into the gutters over the harsher months, they can get clogged up with leaves and twigs and even moss from the roof that may have come loose. If you leave broken gutters to their own devices this will have a knock-on detrimental effect on the facia and soffit, with excess water these may rot. Excess water will also erode brickwork over time, this can be easy to spot as the wall can be discoloured.

Windows and Doors

With the warmer weather arriving (fingers crossed) there is less temptation to keep the windows and doors shut. Throw open your doors and windows and give the house a good airing. Whilst you are there check the seals and the integrity of your woodwork if you have wooden frames. Replace the seals that are no longer intact and if dry and in good condition, give your wooden frames a new lick of paint or stain. This will help protect them from the elements. If your woodwork is soft or flaking, they need attention, a local carpenter will be able to help. Remember, get 3 quotes and don’t be shy about asking friends and relatives for recommendations.

Shed and Fences

 It is quite possible that you haven’t been in your shed for the majority of our wet winter, now is a good time to check the felt on the shed roof to make sure it is still ion tact. As with the roof on your house, inspect inside to make sure you can’t see daylight peeking through, check for damp patches and it is also worth while checking for signs of rodents (droppings, chew marks and entry holes)

Even if it looks like your fences have survived the recent strong winds, they might still have incurred damage which will affect the structural integrity. Give your fences a once over, even if you are not responsible for them to ensure they are sound. If the weather is looking good and the wood is sound and dry, then why not go one step further and give the fence a coat of fence paint or stain to keep up the weather proofing, don’t forget to give your shed the same treatment.

Garden Maintenance

If you have a garden tap, you will possibly be wanting to use it to water your garden in the spring and summer but over the winter it might have frozen and become damaged so take a look at it and make sure it still works properly without leaks.

As for your garden, it will soon be time for the first cut of Spring, it is best to wait for the grass to be dry before cutting it. Remove dead leaves and debris from both your lawns and the flower beds, now is a good time to start tackling weeds before they get to big a foot hold. Make sure your climbing plants are tied, prune any dead heads from plants and bushes and starting thinking about what you would like to plant to bloom during the summer months.

Spring is a great time to start the external maintenance work on your home that has been neglected over the winter months and also the perfect time to start putting right anything that has been damaged. Spending a little time now to sort these issues will mean you can enjoy the warmer months in peace knowing that the outside of your home is in good shape.