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  • The Benefits of Houseplants

    Why houseplants are becoming the newest online trend and what benefits they could bring to your home.  Over recent years indoor gardening has experienced a surge in popularity. This has been fuelled by plant focused accounts trending on Instagram, as well as an increase in plant subscription services and plant-based podcasts/apps available to consumers.   Not only do houseplants improve the appearance of a space, but studies indicate that they also help to eliminate air pollutants, increase creative output and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.   The percentage of UK adults who own a garden has fallen by 3% since 2000, and with renting becoming more popular, less people are investing time and money in their green spaces. Instead the hobby is being brought indoors, with 52% of homeowners now using houseplants to counter pollution.  Here are some of the things to consider before buying a new plant for your home. 

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  • The Impact The Energy Crisis Is Having On HMO Landlords

    The Impact The Energy Crisis Is Having On HMO Landlords What Does Rising Energy Costs Mean & How Can Landlords Make Utility Bills More Manageable in 2022? At the end of last year and the beginning of 2022, chances are you’ve been hearing about and feeling the pressure of the energy crisis. And one of the biggest worries you may have right now as a HMO landlord is spiralling energy costs and how you will manage utility bills moving forward. Here we are going to cover what’s going on with the energy industry, what it means for HMO landlords and how you can make utility bills more economical.   7 Tips for How HMO Landlords Can Make Utility Bills More Economical The rising energy costs will likely be particularly worrying if you offer all-inclusive bills for your HMO properties, but don’t panic. There are a number of things you can do to help make your utility bills more economical. 1. Install a Smart Meter A smart meter can give tenants a real indication of their energy consumption and how they could make improvements. It can also flag inefficient appliances in your properties. 2. Install TRVs on Every Radiator

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  • How to Make Home Buying Better, Without Being Rich

    Buying a house can be stressful—but there are ways you can take control of the process. Buying a home is always stressful. Whether it’s your first home and you spent the last decade eating wish sandwiches in order to cobble together the down payment or a dream retirement house, the process is a rollercoaster ride of surprise costs, stressful road bumps, and endless paperwork (somehow still involving the copious use of fax machines, for some reason). But there are ways to make buying a home a better experience: Once you’ve figured out your budget, partnered with an experienced realtor, and chosen your desired location, keep the following tips in mind to make your real estate transaction as positive as possible. View the house at different times—and on your own Buying a house can be a hectic, rushed experience. Sometimes you only get to see the house relatively briefly during an open house or via a walkthrough. And even if you return to the house a few more times, it will generally be at a time chosen by the realtor, and they will supervise your walkthrough.

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